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Durga, a concert on women empowerment held in Pune

A Pune-based café recently celebrated ‘Women Wellness’ by organizing a concert presented by vocalist Sawani Shende (disciple of Veena Ji Saharabuddhe) presented a melodious rendition of ragas like Madhuwanti, Chhayanat, and Kalavati along with her study-based views on the effects of these ragas.

Santosh Ghatpande, a music therapist explained therapeutic values found in these ragas, which was then followed by a flute performance by the sisters Debopriya and Suchismita (disciples of Pt. Hariprasad Chourasiya). They mesmerized the audience with an excellent rendition of raga Pooriya Kalyan. The last session of the concert saw all the three artists together presenting rag Durga at Alternative Medicine in Pune.

Durga, a concert on women empowerment held in Pune

This Music Cafe in Pune Has Good Mood and Healthy Food on Its Menu!

it's a menu!

Situated amidst the lush greenery and cozy lanes of Pune’s Law College Road is a curious musical experiment. Lying low among the trees that surround the little bungalow, Music Cafe has a lot to serve on a platter: relaxation, anger management, concentration improvement, positivity, stress relief, and confidence boost, among many other ‘recipes.’ The recently opened cafe is the brainchild of music therapist Santosh Ghatpande, music enthusiast Anand Kolharkar, and Hindustani classical vocalist Sawani Ghatpande.

The cafe has an outdoor seating area, where you can pick the music of your choice and indulge in it with friends or family. For those wishing for a personalized musical experience, there’s a secluded headset room, where you can sit in solitude and enjoy music. And for musicians wishing to practice, the music creation room offers a soundproof ambiance as well as various musical instruments.

Durga, a concert on women empowerment held in Pune

Music For The Body, Mind And Soul

Music has advanced to greater meaning over the years and is today, a therapeutic method to de-stress and cleanse the body, mind, and soul and Music Therapy in Depression also reduces depression and relaxes the mind.

We decided to dig deep to comprehend this ‘not so popular type of therapy that is believed to have the potential to help us recover from various emotional, physical, and mental malaise.

Santosh Ghatpande, a certified and co-owner of “Music Café” talks about how just listening to music can prevent us from the side effects of a busy, hectic and unhealthy lifestyle.

“If people want to exercise they head to a gym. Similarly, Music Café helps to use specially curated music in their daily routine to help clients improve their physical and mental health.

“Music Therapy aids cleansing and detoxing the mind, soul, and body and helps prevent the possible need to visit a psychiatrist or a medical professional,” he added.

Professing that healthy people can also enjoy the therapy, he says, “There doesn’t need to be a severe problem before one takes on the therapy; Alternative Medicine Pune can act on smaller things like anger control, concentration improvement, stress management among a few.

Durga, a concert on women empowerment held in Pune

Conveyor belts to Music Menus-Concept cafes, the new rage in Pune

A mother of two, Shruti Paranjape, joined her children in the kids club last year for Alternative Medicine Pune. The kids learned the basics of music and musical instruments and then moved on to the nuances of classical music. It sounds like a music school, doesn’t it? Only it’s not. The kids club that Shruti selected is in a cafe on Law College Road, which goes by the name of Music Cafe. “The way they instill music is fascinating and my younger daughter loves what she is learning. So I signed her up for their annual package,” Shruti says.

“I am an avid lover of music and wanted to create a place devoted to it. The purpose of our kid's club, that takes place twice a month, is to introduce the benefits of music to children who don’t have a musical background, in the form of musical games and memory games,” says Anand Kolharkar, co-founder of the café, whose menu features music segregated under various categories and suited for different purposes. The food and beverages here, however, are on the side. For example, you could choose Confidence Booster, a 20-minute session of tunes that will beat any pep talk you could think of, with a side of coffee, sherbet or kadha. And all of that at just `100.

“We also modify the Alternative Medicine Pune we offer, to suit individual needs,” says Santosh Ghatpande, co-founder and music therapist at the cafe. Kaustubh Chavan encountered this first hand when he came to this cafe seeking relief from his insomnia. “I thought it might end up being dull since all they had was classical music. But I was surprised after listening to the music they gave me. I actually slept for four hours after the first session. The sessions have certainly helped me,” Kaustubh shares, about his experience at the unusual cafe.

Durga, a concert on women empowerment held in Pune

Music Cafe in Pune offers relaxing musical pieces on its menu

Wouldn’t it be nice to enter a cafe to boost your mood on a stressful day? Pune’s one-of-its-kind Music Cafe is offering a broad choice of authentic Indian classical music pieces on its menu, providing a therapeutic experience to the listeners. Aiming to change your thoughts from negative to positive, the cafe gives patrons a headset to listen to a 25-minute long musical piece along with a complimentary beverage called Asavari (a raaga), which is made of herbs to relax your mind and soul.

In the cafe, patrons are given a chance to choose a variety of musical pieces for ‘Relaxing’, ‘Anger Control’, ‘Positivity’, Confidence Booster’, ‘Concentration Booster’, and ‘Women’s Wellness’. This way the cafe wants to cater to the variety of moods and needs of customers. So, music is used as a medium to soothe and nourish the customer’s soul, depending on the type of music option the person has ordered. Apart from 25-minute long musical pieces, the menu also offers 50-60 minute long musical pieces that include Antara, Tarana, and Bandish along with complimentary food and beverages.

The innovative project is the brainchild of a certified music therapist Santosh Ghatpande, Hindustani classical vocalist Sawani Ghatpande and music enthusiast Anand Kolharkar. The trio has been working in the field of Music Therapy for the last five years. After witnessing the positive effects of music on people’s health, they decided to create a place where Music Therapy is used to relax people in stress.

Durga, a concert on women empowerment held in Pune