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Testimonials from our clients

We are grateful to our clients for sharing their experiences with us. We are happy to share some of them with you.

Mr. Navin Kapoor 06 Jun 2024

I attended the Music Therapy Training Workshop. I am taking this opportunity to Congratulate you on the conceptualization of this wonderful workshop.

Reshma Kulkarni 06 Jun 2024

The Basic to Advanced Music Therapy Course designed by Santosh Sir was extremely detailed and in-depth inspite of it being a 3 months course only. It is truely commendable that Santosh Sir was able to generate a personal touch in each of his interactions inspite of it being a 100% online course. I would definitely recommend this course to every person who wishes to pursue and seek music as a deeper and enlightening subject rather than just demeaning the subject's glory by limiting it to glamour and fame only.

Shukla Chakraborty 06 Jun 2024

Hi! I am Shukla Chakraborty. I have been teaching Hindustani Classical music for more than 30 years.I am Reiki master and Energy Freedom Technique(EFT) specialist. Music and healing-both are very special areas and hold a dear place in my heart.I had always known Music has healing properties and when I got opportunity to learn the scientific way of music as a healing therapy, I just grabbed it. I am now a trained MusicTherapist.Thanks to Santosh Sir for his Music Therapy Training course. Thia is a well designed course.Practical knowledge is given through interactive as well as entertaining sessions.We had many case studies and assignments.And Sir has been approachable to clear our doubts whenever needed. I will always be thankful to Santosh Ghatpade Sir for this lovely journey.

Arpita Chatterji 06 Jun 2024

I have always believed in the therapeutic effect of music and completing the music therapy course has been an extremely rewarding experience. The guidance throughout the course has given me immense confidence for which I would like to thank Mr Santosh Ghatpande.

Ankour Joshii 06 Jun 2024

This is a wonderful course with a wonderful teacher. Sir, you have managed the classes very well. In a very controlled environment but still with enough room for us to clear our doubts with ease. I am very thankful to you Sir for being there for us. I am very grateful to have done this course. This course has opened up a new dimension of therapeutic tools that I can offer to my clients to better their lives. I plan to make music therapy as an integral part of my therapy routine. I look forward to bring about a positive change in peoples' lives with the help of this knowledge. I wish you the very best to change a ton of lives for the better it this way.

Dr. Reema Musale 06 Jun 2024

It was really a wonderful journey to understand Music as a therapeutic mean with Santosh sir .He made us to understand basics as well as in depth knowledge of music therapy in all psychosomatics conditions.Thank you Santosh sir .

Dona telson 06 Jun 2024

Excellent place to explore

Sweta M 06 Jun 2024

It's been a lovely experience learning music therapy with Santosh sir. He is a wonderful teacher. As a trained classical singer, I had no notion music could be utilised to repair chakra imbalances, even though I was aware of its therapeutic advantages. Thank you, sir, for enlightening us on its numerous benefits.

Sharad Deogekar 06 Jun 2024

An Extremely well planned training certification course on Music Therapy even for those who do not know about classical music. The online teaching is in a simple manner. Recorded lectures are available to understand the lectures and get clarified doubts, if any and discuss with the teacher in next session. Also the teacher clarifies doubts promptly asked on the group. The practice cases give confidence of using it in day-to-day life. Apart from music , yoga, mudra, mantra, colour, odor octave is connected with the theraphy making it more useful to cure problems ( both physical and mental) faced by everyone. Worth learning this Music Therapy program offered by Anahat Music theorpy. A big thanks to Mr Ghatpande ,sir .

Gayatri Barmukh 06 Jun 2024

Learning music therapy from sir was a very good experience. The assignments given while the sessions were interesting. They kept me engaged the whole week .I would wait for the sessions very eagerly as all the sessions were informative. Though I was not from the musical background Sir made me comfortable about it .We really don't need to have musical background but if you love music and you are a music listener ,learning music therapy is for you.I came to know that music holds an integral part of our life.We are unaware about the power of music.I thank sir from the bottom of my heart as he made learning so simple and fascinating.

Radha Bhat 06 Jun 2024

I was searching like this music theropy from so many years. As i connected to santosh sir i am really happy to join this course. And very nice experience of the this course. I am very thankfull to santosh sir for his way of teaching and helping out for my doubts.

Sangeeta Bhide 06 Jun 2024

The course of Music Therapy is wonderfully designed. It was a truly enriching experience for me. Santosh Ghatpande sir guided us to the smallest details in our journey to be a therapist. The course contents shared will be helpful for self study and guidance for all future cases. The case study practicals were really challenging to work on. A very great experience !

Prajakta Mulye 06 Jun 2024

All Music therapy sessions were very interesting, interactive and informative. I really enjoyed learning music therapy with ample number of examples discussed in the sessions. Santosh ghatpande sir is very knowledgeable person. He teaches so nicely so everyone could understand each and every concept. He used to solve quries of each participant. I highly recommend everyone who ever want to learn music therapy must join anahat.

Advait Dande 06 Jun 2024

The music therapy course designed by Santosh Sir is quite apt for those interested in learning and practising music therapy. The course contents are comprehensive, his teaching method is superb, keeps the class live, interactive and fully engaged. Duration of the course is appropriate, can be extended by adding with few more actual sessions with Santosh sir for enhanced experience in how to comprehensively design the therapy, although the case studies completed by me did gave me good insights. Highly recommended for all Music and Music Therapy enthusiasts!

Zarna Shah 06 Jun 2024

Music Therapy Course with Santosh Ghatpande Sir, was one of its kind experience !!! His expertise in this field is incomparable and the way of teaching is so Simple yet Powerful that a novice like me also could understand and apply the concepts very well !!! Sir's study about the subject is so much in-depth and he passes it so very easily that it seeps in with Absolute Clarity !!! His Simplicity and the Lucid use of language makes the learning Easy and Understandable !!! It is said, Music is a healer.... but I would say, Music makes You a Healer, when learnt from Santosh Ghatpande Sir at Anahat Music Therapy !!!

Ruta Bendre 06 Jun 2024

I was very hesitant to join musical therapy course as I don't have any musical back ground. But Santosh sir gave me assurance . It is really a well structured course which takes you through a wonderful journey. Weekly assignments, activities in the classes, interactions with peers and the provided material was very helpful for the learning experience. The practice case studies were very helpful to get an idea about musical solutions. The course is a unique blend of Music therapy techniques and Hindustani classical music. Thanks a lot sir!

Sunita Inamdar 06 Jun 2024

I recently completed the advanced training course in Music Therapy by Santosh Ghatpande Sir. The course was very nice and was conducted very well. The experience of case handling was given through actual Case studies. I thank Santosh Sir for spreading the importance of Indian Classical Music as therapy through the course.

Sanika Tatke 06 Jun 2024

A well structured course which takes you through a wonderful journey. Classes with Santosh sir were engaging and active. Weekly assignments, activities in the classes, interactions with peers and the provided material was very helpful for the learning experience. The course was progressive with introductory content in the beginning and later moved on to few challenging concepts like interacting with clients, data collection and analysis. The practice case studies were very helpful to get an idea about musical solutions. The course is a unique blend of Music therapy techniques and Hindustani classical music. Thanks a lot sir!

Prashant Nasery 06 Jun 2024

Attending and completing the Music Therapy traoning course was the most profound learning experience of my life. I have had a liking bordering passion for Indian classical music but had no training in music in my life. However, Santosh ji inspired confidence in me that i can still learn how to harness power of music for creating a posotive impact in the lives of people who arr struggling with a variety of physical, mental and emotional challenges. Sanosh ji's style of teaching is very simple but very effective. He made the learning experience very enjoyable and profound at the same time answering all questions. I am very fortunate to have found him as a Guru.

Revati Navgale 06 Jun 2024

Learning Music Therapy, its insights and basics from scratch was an amazing experience at Anahat Music Therapy. Day by day and session by session, it become more interesting. Being curious about psychology and having musical background, I found this course really very best and accurate for me. I am indeed thankful to Santosh Sir for teaching us this therapy work wholeheartedly and sharing his complete knowledge with us. I highly appreciate the coursework, material and teachings. Thank you so much Santosh Sir! :)

Preetida Dixit 06 Jun 2024

Music is a one of the powerful techniques to bring positivity in our lives. Being a Tarot card reader and Crystal healer, I was exploring more on healing techniques. I came to know about Santosh Sir's Music Therapy online course. It was systematic 10 students batch, and Santosh Sir's teaching technique is really good. The sessions are interactive and our doubts were effectively solved in every session. Apart from the class, Sir is easily approachable to solve the doubts while doing our home assignments. Here practical implementation of knowledge is emphasised, which gave us confident. I would recommend to do this course to those who want to use music as a healing technique

Dhananjay Kulkarni 06 Jun 2024

This is a unique course. For long time was searching for music therapy course. The course content is very precise & helpful. The way Santosh sir pass on the knowledge is fantastic. All necessary aspects of the therapy were thought in very simple language. Hope it will help us to make millions of lives happy. Millions of thanks Santosh sir.

Manisha Baheti 06 Jun 2024

The Music Therapy course conducted by Santosh Sir is absolutely captivating, enriching and practical . The way of conducting sessions is very methodical with explanations and ample room for questions and clearance of doubts, the mailed material, the recording of sessions etc. He takes even a non musical person very easily through the journey in a hand holding manner. Anyone who is inclined towards this field, whether having a musical background or not, should join without having any second thought even for a moment !

Isha T 06 Jun 2024

I recently completed my music therapist course here, it was a lovely course and I could feel the passion and sincerity of Santosh sir while he taught us. His love for music and to help people. I am grateful to them for all the knowledge and wisdom.

Dr.Pratibha Joshi 06 Jun 2024

Hi Dr Mrs pratibha Joshi here Recently I completed my music therapy course with अनाहत It was heavenly experience for me Ifeel proud to be the participants of the group.I was desperately searching such a course for years and that dream came true. The course was short but sweet.all the lectures were systematic and well conducted by our master Santosh Ghatpande sir. He is a cool and patient listener.he explained everything in such a manner that we were enthusiastic every time and eagerly waiting for Wednesday to come .Santosh sir told us every detail about the case and technics of the therapy. I really enjoyed a lot and of course learned a lot from such a devine course My best wishes to team अनाहत and gratitude to Santosh sir Thank you

Shweta Trivedi 06 Jun 2024

It was a beautiful experience to start on an unknown journey of Music therapy with Santoshji. From the first session till the last, we were constantly reminded of the benefits music can bring to oneself and the world and surely we experienced a new part of ourselves thriving to grow and prosper under his guidance. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking out for self healing and healing of others with help of music..