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Learn how music can help you to improve your personal and professional life

Welcome to Anahat Music Therapy, where the soothing melodies of music meet the science of well-being. We believe in the transformative power of music to heal, inspire, and enrich lives. Whether you're seeking for relaxation, clarity, or a path to self-discovery, our music therapy services are tailored to your unique & personalised needs.

About Us

Anahat Music Therapy aims to positively influence the areas of health and well-being through music. Anahat Music Therapy is based out of Pune, India.

Anahat Music Therapy has been specifically designed to bring the listener into a deep state of relaxation, peace and clarity where they can access insights through the subconscious mind.

Anahat Music Therapy is a unique blend of music therapy, sound healing, and meditation. It is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth.

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संगीतं परमानन्दं !
संगीतं परमं दयालुम्।



Swar Dnyan

Swar Madhur

Ragini - Let's vent out






Transformational Music for Wellness

Musical Rejuvenation - Periodically

Corporate Services

Anahat music therapy also offers corportae services.

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